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Drawpile 2.2.0 Finally Released After 11 Beta Testing

Drawpile, the free open-source collaborative drawing program, finally released version 2.2.0.

It has 11 Beta testing versions in 2023 until the new final release. And, Drawpile 2.2.0 can work along with users on the old 2.1 version.

This new version is compatible with sessions hosted by 2.1, so you can still draw with everyone that’s on the old version.

Drawpile 2.2.0 is a big release but with only few server features. It now allow setting web admin auth through DRAWPILESRV_WEB_ADMIN_AUTH environment variable. While, the --web-admin-auth parameter takes precedence.

Most others are bug-fixes. They include:

    • Fix pressure-less mode not work with pens on Android.
    • Remove duplicate port from displayed network address.
    • Keep focus on brush sliders when typing into them.
    • Give the timeline dock a sensible minimum height.
    • Properly update current layer fill source when switching layers.
    • Apply chosen interpolation to pasted images.
    • Load PSD files and import Drawpile 2.1 animations on Android.
  • Don’t leave one-finger touch setting blank when “do nothing” is selected.
  • Shorten debounce delay to be 250 milliseconds for the layer opacity/blend mode
  • Remember invite link type setting properly.
  • prevent flickering in GIF export.
  • See release note for more details.

How to Install Drawpile

Drawpile provides binary package for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android, available to download at its website.

For Linux users, they are the non-install AppImage and universal Flatpak package run in sandbox.


The AppImage package is available to download at the link below:

Just grab the package, add executable permission in file ‘Properties’ dialog (under Permissions tab), then user can click ‘Run’ AppImage to launch the program.


Linux Mint 21.x users can simply launch Software Manager, then search & install Drawpile as Flatpak package.

While, Ubuntu users can press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal, and run commands below one by one to get the flatpak package:

NOTE: Flatpak runs in sandbox. If you want to access files in user folders, install Flatseal and enable either home or certain folder access.

Uninstall Drawpile

To uninstall the Flatpak package, open terminal and run command:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data net.drawpile.drawpile

Also run flatpak uninstall --unused to remove useless run-time libraries.



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