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Enlightenment 0.26.0 Released with New Features & Lots Bug-fixes

Enlightenment window manager announced new 0.26.0 release few days ago.

The new release added some new features, including DDC option to backlight control of external monitors, bigger task previews, and watermark to wl mode to indicate E is in experimental wl mode.

Enlightenment 0.26.0 also added new APIs, including new eet disk sync API to ensure config it stored, logind’s lock/unlock dbus apis, API to play sound samples and support in notifications, and new eina API for EFL libraries.

Other changes include:

  • Support action desktop files in EFM to add file actions
  • Add org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver inhibit support
  • Add and enabl watchdog thread by default to detect mainloop hangs
  • Add option to Randr X11 support to use xrandr cmdline not direct API
  • Be agressive about forcing E’s blank settings if apps override them
  • Add params to mixer actions to allow to set amount up/down
  • Add option for input settings for flat accel + hires scrolling
  • Add option to set hidden state in netwm or not

There are also EFL 1.27 changes include JXL Evas loader/saver, QOI Evas image loader/saver, LibreSSL 3.5.x, remove GNUTLS support due to in favor of openssl3, and support ecore exe terminate with parent on windows. See more in the News page.

Get Enlightenment 0.26.0

Besides building from source, there seems no PPA or any 3rd repository for installing new release in Ubuntu.

To download the source, just go to its website via the link below:



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