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Firefox 122.0 Released with new .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu

Mozilla announced new 122.0 release for its free open-source Firefox web browser this Tuesday!

This is a new monthly release that include minor new features. For Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and their based systems, Firefox now provides official .deb packages through an apt repository.

Meaning now, there are 5 official ways to install Firefox in Ubuntu Linux:

  • Snap package (pre-installed in Ubuntu 22.04+)
  • New apt repository (maintained by Mozilla)
  • MozillaTeam PPA (maintained by Ubuntu Team members)
  • Portable Linux tarball (maintained by Mozilla)
  • Flatpak package (verified by Mozilla)

Besides providing .deb package for the Stable release, the apt repository also includes the packages for Beta, Nightly, and Dev versions of the popular web browser.

In addition, Firefox 122.0 now displays images and descriptions for search suggestions provided by the search engine, and supports creating and using passkeys stored in the iCloud Keychain on macOS.

Other changes include:

  • Improve the quality of translated webpages
  • MDN Web Docs article suggestions from Firefox Suggest available in address bar.
  • Improve Web Browser compatibility for line breaking.
  • Proper language-aware word selection for languages including Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Lao, Khmer, and Thai.
  • Various security fixes.
  • See release note for more details.

How to Get Firefox 122.0

For Ubuntu 22.04 and higher, you may already have Firefox 122.0. Just, go Firefox menu β€œβ‰‘β€ -> Help -> About Firefox to verify.

If you don’t like Snap package, then just go check the links above for the 4 alternative methods.



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